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How to beat 'The Block?'

'The Creative Block'

I'm sure every producer/artist/writer in the world has experienced the dreaded 'creative block' at least once in their career; anyone who says they haven't is quite frankly a straight up liar. The creative block is literally one of the worst feelings in the world in my opinion, especially when your income completely relies on you being able to churn out music left right and centre to a professional standard.

I mean, it's not just the fact that you genuinely can't produce anything more than a mediocre 16 bar drum loop. The whole phase involves feelings of self disappointment and invites thoughts into your mind such as 'Am I good enough?' and 'What if I've hit my musical peak and I just go downhill from here?'. Well I can assure you that this whole process is completely natural and is present in all aspects of the creative world. From past experiences with creative blocks, I've always found that I come out the other side stronger and more productive than ever.

Now, I think one of the best ways to get out of this whole shit show of thinking you aren't good enough to carry on with creating anything worthy of releasing to the public is to close the project and close your production software. Ask yourself this: Am I making this to make myself happy or to make other people happy? If you're making it to please other people, you will never EVER be content with your own work. You should be making it for all the right reasons, for your own creative outlet to please YOU. Odds are if you are happy with it, many others will be too. Not everyone likes the same things so don't feel hard done by when someone doesn't understand your art.

So what to do if the problem persists? Just go do something which doesn't involve being cooped up in your lair for hours on end trying to find the perfect kick drum. Take your mind off of it, get your endorphins flowing by working out or being with your friends. One of the main causes of hitting a creative block in the first place is usually down to overthinking, over analysing and too much self pressure so taking a step back works absolute wonders. The saying 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' couldn't be more fitting in these scenarios for me because after some time away I literally can't wait to get back producing. Another way of redeeming my self esteem is by listening to all the music that inspires me to do what I do. I listen to my friends music, both new and old and appreciate that maybe they have been through the exact same feelings that I am feeling. I also listen to my old work and just sit and reflect on how far I have actually come since I first started my musical journey.

The bottom line is that creative blocks are completely natural and although they make us doubt our own abilities, they allow us to rediscover our love for our craft and realise our own self worth when we come out of it the other side. Just know that it is never permanent and like bad weather they will pass with time and reveal blue skies on the other side.

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