about MALLIN

Having previously worked with Throne Room Records on their first ever release (‘Birth’ VA), Birmingham-based Alastair Mallin, or then better known as ‘Ali Emm’, is an artist with a natural talent for music production. His ‘sound’ at the time was closer to the Deep House sub-genres now commonly referred to ‘Bass House’ or ‘Future House’. With his original tracks and remixes receiving play counts beyond 100k across SoundCloud and YouTube, the statement he made within the House & Garage multiverse was clear.

Following the release on Throne Rooms ‘Birth’ VA, the Future/Bass House genres began to thrive due to their commercial popularity; there was suddenly an influx of ‘house’ remixes finding their way onto commercial radio stations. Ali Emm took advantage of this, producing remixes and bootlegs of commercial songs, and thus reaping the rewards by featuring regularly on large YouTube music channels such as ‘MrDeepSense’ (700k+ Subscribers) and ‘Deeprot’ (150k+ Subscribers).

What happened next really caught a lot of peoples attention. Ali Emm changed. After achieving extremely impressive success for such a young producer, Alastair looked to leave his commercial roots behind and start a new phase of his career.


Introducing… ‘Mallin’.


Many producers at this point would look to slowly transition their style, therefore keeping a hold of all the fans you work so hard to obtain. ‘Mallin’ however, was a fresh start, a clean slate. You could argue it was a clean slate with the added bonuses of a social media presence, but, a large proportion of that following were only there for the commercial remixes, thus useless for this new project. He needed to start again.

Mallin kicked things off with a bang, a statement original track outlining the style this alias would pursue, shortly followed by a remix of the iconic ‘Music Is The Answer’ by Danny Tenaglia.

Just like that, it was as if Ali Emm never existed, Mallin was already achieving the same level of play counts as before, but now in the genre he really wanted to be in. To be able to move so smoothly into a complete new genre is evidence to his raw talent, and surely a sign of big things to come. Though humble in his achievements, Mallin is the result of more than simple talent, it is also the result of hard work. No gimmicks, no arrogance, no ‘paid for’ success. Whether it is in the studio or managing his brand, there is no cutting corners, just dedicated effort and a lot of hard work.

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